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“Less mass consumption, more unique creation”

TRAKE is a brand designed to break the clichés in the cosmetic and gift product segment through the beauty of natural imperfections provided to us directly by nature, touched by human hands. Our team maintain almost full cycle of handmade production, using the valuable natural sources of Ceramics, Glass, Wood, Rosa Damascena and other essential oils of local origin.

Based in Bulgaria we are a small team of 3 persons, that specializes in producing only high-quality, organic and natural beauty products of proven origin, appropriate for self-care, corporate, celebration, and holiday gifts. We are environmentally friendly and use packaging materials closest to the natural base which makes them easy to recycle or degrade. 

Our mission is to make products that show care about people, the environment, and our history.

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Decho Dechev


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А real inspiration pulsates аt the heart of every legend

Let us tell you about our...

A Legend tells that there is a place with extraordinary power and beauty.

А place ruled by incredible creatures…

Thrake (TRAKE), was the mistress of these beings….

She spread her extraordinary knowledge and skills to heal, using only herbs and plants, all across the

Valley of The Thracian Kings.

She drew strength directly from the pure nature…

the sun and the moon, the male and the female beginning…

implementing the ancient traditions with innovations, gathering the mystery and modernity in one.

Тhis unique tradition and spiritual rituals are her deepest secrets that she enviously keeps for only

those who dare to uncover them…

Discover the magic of TRAKE!


Inspired in the name of the product

Growing from small plant stems to large shrubs,

Giving life to a flower, drawing strength from unique weather and soil conditions,

Torn off in the most mystical minutes of the morning, before everything around us comes back to live,

Floral waters and Essential Oils Illuminated by nature, collected drop by drop of any individual flower,

Derived by direct distillation of authentic Bulgarian flowers,

Gathering ancient traditions and local cultures in a modern source, giving a birth to our incredible selection of unique products…. 

Coming Soon


Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water (Rosa Alba)


Organic Bulgarian Lavender Water


Organic Bulgarian Chamomile Water


Organic Bulgarian Melissa Water


Organic Bulgarian Mint Water


Inspired in the name of the brand

.. by the mystical and magical Thracian culture we are worshiping the most occult and magnificent figure, not well known but preserved till today – the Thracian nymph Thrake (Spelled “Trake”). She possessed supernatural power and extraordinary knowledge and skills to heal just with herbs and plants.

To bring you to a new world of beauty through the natural riches of the Valley of the Thracian Kings in Bulgaria we created a brand intertwining the values of the freedom of the past and the adventurous spirit of the present. We present you one unique premium product emphasizing on the most precious of the local plants – the aromatic pink rose (Damascena). We are blending the Bulgarian traditions with novelty and we are counting on the ART-istry hidden in the roots of the magic name “TRAKE” – a legend and modern in one!

Discover the magic in every box

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