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Authentic Ceramic

With the thoughts of being useful for your skin, we have created a line of soap dishes that will whisper gentle words from the Neolithic era, taking care of your soap bar. Sophistication and elegance delicately envelop each soap, so as to preserve its qualities longer.

We came up with the idea of creating soap dishes when we felt the need to properly store each of our soaps. And what would be that special container that allows water to drain so that these soap bars stay dry and last longer, being all yours? Soap dishes of course!


We know that you are familiar with the word soap dish, but it does not carry that special charge from which you instantly draw strength, right? That is why we present you our TRAKE Cult Soap Dish – the handmade special soap dishes inspired by cult Neolithic tables* – items dating 8000 years ago, found all over Bulgarian lands fragmented or whole in almost every Neolithic and Chalcolithic object.

By recreating these Cult items today, in this contemporary image, we aim to expose the energy and individuality of the era, wrapped in deep mysticism.

And like the live, orchestral and dynamic music of the past, the one that makes you dance and relax and feel the moment with your whole being, we offer you handmade ceramic Soap Dishes, holding the history and emotions from the past, but also ready to be filled with many new emotions and feelings.


*The Cult tables were part of the life, customs and rituals of our ancient ancestors, associated with the domestic cult.


Olga Yordanova
Olga Yordanova
Art Director & Sculptor
CULT Soap Dish by TRAKE
CULT Soap Dish by TRAKE
Soap dishes by TRAKE
Decorating TRAKE soap dishes

Design and production of Trake CULT Soap Dishes

Each “table” is made of specially selected clay, resembling the original one discovered many years ago. It is decorated and left to dry in a cool place for 1-2 weeks, after which it is baked once, glazed and treated again at very high temperatures in a kiln. Finally, the CULT Soap Dish undergoes another heat treatment in a wood fire so it can become smoked and acquire this mystical look, which makes each “table” of the series unique in itself.

The shape of the special object is further rounded, resembling the rounded, curved feminine shapes of the statuettes and the archetype of the Mother goddess (a cult symbol for almost 40 millennia), which creates a feeling of comfort, strength and everyone’s desire to touch and take it in their hands.

A sculptor and specialist restorer with many years of experience and research on the prehistoric cult items is part of the production processes, so that we could give our Soap Dishes the most authentic touch. Our work has been diligent and committed and for almost 2 years we succeeded to test and improved each new version so that we could offer you this:

It is no coincidence that the Neolithic era is considered a unique period of unadulterated art, but could we actually achieve such a result? Of course! The hard work and dedication given in the development and production of each of our new TРАКЕ products has lead us right here – in the heart of a beautiful song, pouring like a gentle ting, heard far and wide, sharing TРАКЕ ceramic cult soap dishes with you.

А real inspiration pulsates аt the heart of every legend...


Learn more about our inspirations
About us

Inspired by the Bulgarian embroideries

The idea for the holes and the repetition of the logo, cut in the soap dish, came from the rhythm of the ornaments of the Bulgarian embroideries. In addition, geometric motifs and ornaments have been key part in the past, and this was another reason we wanted to add them to our new product.

The natural beauty of handmade art

By the model of the ancient items we took the legs, the detail with the diamonds and the initials of the brand, and we wanted the shape of the basin to be natural, so that the spirit of the Neolithic could be seen and felt.

We achieved a line that shows workmanship, as if with a wrinkled lump of clay shaped like a plate, and we avoided to emphasize the perfect shapes and symmetry.

It was important for us to focus on the natural beauty of handmade items, in its imperfect nature as it is. That is why we created cult soap dishes, turning them into a masterpiece that could not be made the same ever again as workmanship and casting of course

At the beginning we were more focused on the natural look and color of the clay with a simpler transparent glaze and smoky feet, as it was with the CULT Candles, and then we added more colors and continued to experiment and even now we keep on adding more and more. Do you have your own favourite color that we can add?

The different styles of bathrooms, especially those in Rustic, Boho, Wabi-sabi and all closer to nature bathroom designs using materials like marble, granite, ceramics, sand, for example, or the bathrooms with a specific river stone sink or any natural materials and colors, they all fit perfectly with the different authentic colors of Trake soap dishes. The special thing here is that every person feels and perceives  the beauty of the bathroom in his own way, and the option to choose from different colors helps in making the most appropriate selection for every single bathroom. This turns the cult soap dishes not only into a soap dish, but into an object of art that adorns and brings to the home decor a real element of spiritual and valuable feeling.

The magic of the whole cycle of making the TRAKE product turns it into a perfect and unique gift – for a special occasion or as an expression of love and affection for home coziness, peace and comfort. And we have already shared that the Cult soap dish actually carries the spirit of a thousand-year history. If you are wondering what kind of soap to put on, you will find unique handmade natural gentle soaps with pure and organic vegetable oils – our handmade soap with alba rose smells like pure heaven (we warn you the aroma is addictive). If you combine a CULT soap dish with natural soap, you will have a finished and cool gift.

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Craft Soap Dish in Bundle with two soaps

Bundles and gifts

You can make a bundle combining different soaps with soap dishes by your choice! Keep in mind that when you take 2 and more of our unique soap bars, you receive a special discount of the FIRST soap dish you choose to buy!

And now we are going to whisper softly into your ear that we have conceived a sequel to our CULT soap dishes in your bathroom, which will turn the idea into a complete concept for authentic accessories and cosmetics for more non-traditional bathrooms and more art people, including new colors and new applications.

Home Decor

Authentic bath experience by TRAKE

You are almost at the end of your acquaintance with the CULT soap dish, but we will share with you some additional valuable information from our TRAKE sacred home. The special soap dishes we are making are the next step in the development of our model of ceramic CULT Candles, inspired again from the past. The technology of making the ceramic candles is in accordance to not getting heat at the bottom side with the feet when the candle is in burning mode  (we use this principle as a base for our CULT candles ( See the BLOG Post here 😉) so it can create additional safety and comfort for its owner.

The cult table from 8000 years ago came to life, we breathed new life into it, and you can now own this cult jewel. Sometimes a person watches and admires accessories at home as if looking at artifacts from an ancient unknown world. TRAKE is here for you to tell you that the improved version of this distant past was created with care and an incredible amount of work, to feel that dose of mystery and inexplicable sense of power even in the new century at your home and bath. That was our main inspiration to start this unique project.

Do you want to have a new bathroom accessory for your soap that brings much more than convenience? It imprints Neolithic excitement in itself, but it also has the ability to teleport you within seconds, directly from your bathroom to a distant mystical past.

TRAKE ceramic CULT soap dishes complement the interior of any bathroom, delivering exciting moments of spiritual bliss to each of its owners. Give those moments to yourself.

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