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Refillable Fragrance Candles: A new eco-trend you do not have to miss!

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It’s a new year. Some say that we’re adjusting to a new normal. What if what you really need is a new way to create a comforting, healing, and environmentally conscious aura? Fragrance candles are the go-to home décor to provide light and emit healing energy; many also come in various artistic designs with impressive colors and compelling scents.

Unfortunately, the composition of these candles is often not as healthful as one might hope and, as every candle lover knows, each candle is a one-and-done affair. What if you could have a reusable candle setup that not only provides color, warmth, and fragrance but also is made of ecological and health-conscious materials? What if you could enjoy the benefits of a company that seeks to make the Earth and its products healthful and pleasurable? That’s where TRAKE candles come in.

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TRAKE began in 1999 with a mission to provide wholesome, artisanal products representative of the Bulgarian culture. Currently operating on 35 hectares of land, TRAKE cultivates its own Damascene Rose plants while also raising fragrant herbs such as lavender.

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Damascena rose fields
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Raising fragrant herbs

These plants are used to produce various products including essential oils, candles, and other cosmetic items.

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Furthering their mission to produce healthful products is a commitment to using only organically-grown plants and materials while also using packaging materials that can be recycled or are biodegradable. TRAKE strives to break the mold of the cosmetic industry and provide products that represent its values towards caring for people, the environment, and history.

What makes these candles unique

The ingredients and materials TRAKE uses are what make these candles so special. The foundation of these candles is that they use reusable ceramic holders that are refilled with candle inserts. Each candle takes between 2-4 weeks to prepare, including the preparation of the ceramic holder as well as the hand-poured refillable wax candle insert, indicating the commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The candle component is made of vegetable or soy wax with cotton or wood wicks.

The candles are scented with Bulgarian-based essential oils, such as Damascene rose, lavender, sage, pine, and mint, with exotic oils such as sandalwood, black orchid, and citronella. The balance and composition of the candles help to capture the mood-enhancing properties and mystical history these ingredients provide.

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Many, if not most, conventional candles are much more toxic than advertised. Paraffin and petroleum-based candles produce carcinogenic, or cancer-causing, byproducts that linger in the air. Many also contain microplastics and scented oils that when burned can create respiratory problems, trigger allergic reactions or aggravate heart conditions, while other components have been found to disrupt hormone production in the endocrine system. Paraffin candles also produce an exceptional amount of soot, potentially damaging surrounding furniture and equipment.

Fortunately, since 2003, candle wicks cannot include lead as burning these wicks vastly exceeds the lead exposure allowed by regulatory agencies, but if you have candles made before 2003, they may still contain lead. Given all of these drawbacks, it’s easy to see why a fragrance candle made from natural, organic products is more desirable.


While the natural composition of these candles might suggest they lack durability, TRAKE fragrance candles are exceptionally easy to use and long-lasting. Candle burn time averages between 25-35 hours, with less time on average for wood wick candles and more time for cotton wick candles. Cotton wicks offer more versatility in usage as they are easier to relight and are less likely to be blown out, but many find wooden wicks to provide greater release of the aromatherapy properties of the essential oils in the candle.

Regardless of the wick you choose, to maximize the lifetime of the candle as well as its fragrance output you should try burning your candles for only 3 hours at a time.

When the candle has completely melted, you can scrap the wax residue from the side of the candle holder with a spoon or immerse in warm water to remove any stubborn remnants. The best part is, because the candle holders are reusable, you can choose from the variety of refillable candle inserts that TRAKE offers. It’s never been easier to let your imagination run wild!

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Not many candle companies take as much pride in their candle holders as TRAKE does. Inspired by Neolithic designs that date to 8000 years ago and continued within the Thracian culture, the refillable candle holders channel these historic patterns and designs. Candle holders are hand-made from specially selected clay and are decorated in traditional Thracian patterns. After they are decorated, they are dried for 1-2 weeks and then baked at 850-900 degrees.


You may notice that the refillable candle holders have a more singed, “mystical” look, and this owes to a treatment in a wood fire that makes each candle holder one of a kind! The rounded shapes of the candle holders, resembling the rounded, curved feminine shapes of the statuettes and the archetype of the Mother goddess (a cult symbol for almost 40 millennia), creates a feeling of comfort, strength, and every one’s desire to touch and take it in their hands.


Given the history and detail devoted to each refillable candle holder, it’s hard not to imagine the power it lends to each candle that burns.



Beyond the attention to detail devoted to the production of the fragrance candles and refillable candle holders, what sets TRAKE candles apart are the different candle scents each candle incorporates. TRAKE is committed to providing the natural aromas and auras associated with a traditional candle burning as well as incorporating the healing properties found in various essential oils. Fragrance candles come in a variety of nature candle scents, including immortelle, clary sage, lavender, and pine. We prepare the aroma combinations in a way so that each aroma fits into a certain part of the day. In addition, the different aroma combinations balance each other, much like yin and yang.

Aromas also come in various seasonal scents, such as the Halloween candle collection that blends the various essential oils already mentioned and is colored in the traditional Halloween colors of orange, black, and grey. For those who like fragrance candles to complement their more intimate experiences, TRAKE offers the sex appeal lavender candle. It’s a plink blush and the perfect blend of lavender, black pepper, and raspberry oils is the perfect addition to create a blissful, intimate experience. Top candle scents include the Dawn Whisper Rosa Damascena candle, the Floral Illumination Clary Sage fragrance candle, and the Nocturnal Bloom Immortelle candle. You can also be adventurous and try the plethora of peppermint or pumpkin pie cinnamon essential oil candles. Regardless of your preference, TRAKE offers a variety of organically-scented candles that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and engage your senses.

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 Contact and customer support

As part of TRAKE’s commitment to ensuring that you receive the best product possible, you will also have access to quality customer support. You have access to specialists who can recommend which candle is best suited to the mood and environment you wish to create. They can also keep you informed of the changing seasonal fragrances that are available. When you’ve used up your candle inserts, specialists are available through the site’s messenger or email to help you find an individualized scent to continue your aromatherapy journey. All products are available through the online store and TRAKE ships throughout the world. TRAKE makes it easier than ever to enjoy organic, historically-preserved nature candle scents.

Before you go…to buy some fragrance candles

Part of the candle experience is the personal connection you develop with the product as well as those who can share in the experience. That’s why TRAKE recommends that you purchase candle holders individually. Individual candle holders help to add to the ambiance and amplify the candle’s aroma intensity. Because the candle holders are reusable, and the candles are refillable, you don’t have to worry about needlessly contributing to the waste stream. If anything, TRAKE ‘s candles help to create healthful, grounded environments where everyone can share in the joys of nature’s fragrances. With zero waste, and zero harmful additives like artificial coloring, plastics, and preservatives, you’ll look forward to every chance to refill and renew the scent sensations.

It’s unfortunate that many companies focus more on presentation than on producing quality products. Too often, fragrant candles that suggest they contain wholesome ingredients create toxic atmospheres that make you want to leave the room rather than enjoy the ambiance. TRAKE seeks to change the industry standard so that you can have an enjoyable experience and quality products.

Using only the finest, organic ingredients grown in Bulgaria and around the world, TRAKE has managed to pair traditional, artisanal ceramics with the latest in aromatherapy blends. They may seem like a simple and unessential addition to your indoor environment, but candles can not only change your mood, they can change your view. Since change is in the air, take the opportunity to check out TRAKE ‘s various candle options and accompanying ceramic candle holders. Regardless of the fragrance you choose or choose to refill once you become enchanted, you’ll most likely agree that breathing in organic, fragrant scents is like a breath of fresh air.

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