Organic Bulgarian Rose water [DAMASCENA] | TRAKE

Organic Bulgarian Rose water [DAMASCENA] | TRAKE

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Made of 100% natural water obtained by direct distillation of fresh hand-picked blossoms of Rosa Damascena, Trake is the first premium organic rose water produced in Bulgaria containing a high level of rose oil. Known for its exceptional useful properties, the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is considered one of the most precious natural sources since thousands of petals are required to produce a single magical drop of the oil. Grown in the unique weather and soil conditions of Bulgaria, the flower offers one of the most specific and attractive scents in the world.

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Organic Bulgarian Rose water [DAMASCENA] | TRAKE
Organic Bulgarian Rose water [DAMASCENA] | TRAKE
100% Organic Content: Natural floral water produced in Bulgaria; Obtained from a direct water-steam distillation; Produced from hand-picked Rosa Damascena blossoms grown in unique weather and soil conditions; With a high level of rose oil content; Certified organic.

TRAKE Organic Company

A company based in Bulgaria. We specialize in producing of high-quality, organic and natural beauty products of proven origin, appropriate for self-care, corporate, celebration and holiday gifts. We are environment-friendly and use packaging materials closest to the natural base which makes them easy for recycling or degrading.
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