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CULT Soap Dish – EBONY black

89,00 лв.

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ACCENT: Ebony black color glaze 

DESCRIPTION: Delicate and precise handmade ceramic soap dish.

MATERIALS: Clay, glaze and “our hearts”

WEIGHT: around  300 g e | 10.6 oz  NET

DIMENSIONS (LxWxH*)(cm): around 14.5 × 11 × 4.5 cm

*Measurements: length, width, height

PURPOSE: to properly store each of your soap bars. Suitable for your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor garden sink!**

**The different styles of bathrooms, especially those in Rustic, Boho, Wabi-sabi and all closer to nature bathroom designs using materials like marble, granite, ceramics, sand, for example, or the bathrooms with a specific river stone sink or any natural materials and colors, they all fit perfectly with the different authentic colors of TRAKE soap dishes.


Each “table” is made of specially selected clay, resembling the original one discovered many years ago. It is decorated and left to dry in a cool place for 1-2 weeks, after which it is baked once, glazed and treated again at very high temperatures in a kiln. Finally, the CULT Soap Dish undergoes another heat treatment in a wood fire so it can become smoked and acquire this mystical look, which makes each “table” of the series unique in itself.

The shape of the special object is further rounded, resembling the rounded, curved feminine shapes of the statuettes and the archetype of the Mother goddess (a cult symbol for almost 40 millennia), which creates a feeling of comfort, strength and everyone’s desire to touch and take it in their hands.

A sculptor and specialist restorer with many years of experience and research on the prehistoric cult items is part of the production processes, so that we could give our Soap Dishes the most authentic touch. Our work has been diligent and committed and for almost 2 years we succeeded to test and improved each new version of the bath accessories line.

Eco-friendly product!


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