Set of 3 Different Candle Scents (Limited Halloween Edition)


Handmade eco candles inspired by Nature.

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The holders are available in glass material, which are directly decorated with the elements and the main product features of the brand to create a more unique and finished touch and reduce the use of paper and plastic labels.

The filling of the candle is manually poured, consisting of a pre-prepared mix of vegetable waxes, which ensures a smoother and more even burning.

The wicks are solved in small wooden sticks with a burning fireplace feeling, which contributes to a more intense burning of the candle and a more intense aroma emission.

Each of the candle fragrances has been synthesized after numerous tests and selections of traditional local essential oils mixed with exotic ones, as well as complemented with hints of natural fragrance oils that give an overall perfection of the product.

The main plants that inspired the development of aromatic compositions are Rosа Damascena, Lavender, Immortelle, Clary Sage, Pine, Mint.

The aroma combinations are prepared in a unique way so that each aroma fits a specific calendar of the year, so you may feel your celebration more authentic.

Average Burning Time

Around 20 hours each mini candle.

To minimize wax left on the sides of the candle holder, burn 2-3 hours at a time!

Additional Information

Storage conditions: We recommend storing the candle in a cooler place in indirect sunlight.

Components: Glass holder, hand-poured candle, and transport/gift box, 3 candles in a set

Size: 60 g. E | 2.0 oz. NET every single candle


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