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Hot Mulled Wine | Sweet Orange & Red juniper |

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Handmade eco soy candle inspired by the Cozy Winter Nights in front of the Fireplace

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Handmade eco soy candle inspired by the Cozy Winter Nights in front of the Fireplace

Candle Components: Glass container, hand-poured candle, transport/gift box
The wick can be solved in wooden sticks with a burning fireplace feeling, which contributes to a more intense burning of the candle, or with a traditional cotton wick that burns slow and brings a more balanced flavor release.

The holders are available in glass material, which is decorated with the elements and the main product features of the brand to create a more unique and finished touch.

Candle Scent: Hot Wine | Mulled wine, Sweet Orange essential oil , Red juniper essential oil | – Love and Wine fragrance for the Senses, the wax is colored in symbolic red.

INGREDIENTS /INCI/: Soy wax, cotton or wooden wick, Mulled wine fragrance oil with Sweet Orange & Red Juniper berry essential oil.

*Suitable for the evening .

Average Burning Time: Depends on the kind of the wick – around 20 hours. To minimize wax left on the sides of the candle holder, burn 2-3 hours at a time!

Storage conditions: We recommend storing the candle in a cooler place in indirect sunlight.

60 g e | 2.0 oz NET [every single candle]

CANDLE DIMENSIONS: (DxWxH) (“in/mm) 0.22 x 0.22 x 0.22″ inches / 5,5 × 5,5 × 5,5 sm /
*Measurements: depth, width, height

Due to handmade production, there may be slight differences between items!



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