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One of the early mornings by the end of the 2019’s rose-picking campaign, the last roses for the season were left to be gathered from the field. Most of you are aware of the fact that both the beginning and the end are the most difficult moments of one cycle, so it is the same with the rose picking process- the first flowers and buds are the most desirable of all, and when it comes to the last ones there are almost no working rose factories to process them. That was the reason we decided to collect them precisely, dry and store them, and time will show what their purpose will be…

And It only took us a few days, before we had a brilliant idea what we could use this valuable resource for.

That’s how the idea for our soap was born

As prominent perfectionists in the things we do, we don’t like to launch something half-hearted and mislead our friends and partners who have been trusting us for more than a year. So we started researching the market for the best similar niche products, for the main raw materials used in the saponification and the standard processes of making soaps, so that we can make it in an unusual way as this is how we generally do things in our main conceptions.

Fortunately, it didn’t take us long and we met a very special person and a proven specialist in her work – Lina Andreas (brand founder of Baba’s Soapery *We recommend to see their products too) who immediately grabbed our attention with her friendly approach and incredible professionalism.

In the early summer of 2019, we met our guru in the soaps, who helped us make them in perfection

… And so we started working together on our new project.

А series of tests followed, during which we tried a number of ingredient scents, combined with our rose scents of the carefully dried blossoms and rose bases. Initially, the soap was circular, then went through a square form so it finally got the perfect, grip-perfect look it currently has.

But let us tell you a little more about the process of saponification of the TRAKE soap

TRAKE soap bar is a product of saponification of essential and vegetable oils with sodium hydroxide, known as caustic soda. The chemical reaction produces salts of the embedded oils (soap) and the glycerin – a well-known and widely used moisturizer in the industry. The oils are warmed up to a liquid state, then caustic soda, aromas, colorants, and other active substances are added. The process of cold saponification allows the lower temperature of processing, thus protecting the valuable oils from degradation; also, the naturally formed glycerin is not exported from the soap but left in it for an enhanced hydrating effect.

After mixing all the ingredients and reaching a certain consistency of the mixture, it is poured into trays to stay there for a few days. During the first few hours, the major part of the saponification process occurs – the mixture rises its temperature substantially (saponification is an exothermic reaction and releases heat), after which it hardens and cools to room temperature. After one to three days, the ready solid soap cakes are cut into the fancy TRAKE shapes, stamped and painted with green mica “A” sign, and stacked in trays to mature. On an average basis, each soap takes from about 20-30 days to some months to be mature completely. The maturation period depends on the oils used in the soap recipe. TRAKE skin detox nature soap’s time to mature is around 40 days. What a wait, right? But it’s worth it 🙂

One curious fact as a slight deviation- The classic Castile soap, for example (made from olive oil only), ripens for about a year to complete saponification.

TRAKE soap takes about 40 days to mature completely

During the maturing process, the crystal lattice of the soap undergoes restructuring – it imparts moisture, improves it’s firmness and foaming ability and becomes gentler to the skin.

Extra percentage of non-soap (free) essential oils for additional nourishing and hydrating!

When formulating a craft soap, a balance is sought between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. In TRAKE soap, the most suitable oils are carefully selected, resulting in good washing and foaming ability, but it also has good nourishing properties. We have added a percentage of non-soap (free) oils that help nourish the skin and prevent it from drying out.

The marble effect

rosa damascena soap

Note some additional interesting effect in some lots: Under certain conditions, saponification results in the so-called effect of glycerin rivers. They look like spikes of clear, gel-like soap embedded in the rest part of the colored soap. Obtained when part of the pigment used is bound to the oil-soluble end of the soap molecules, but not to the water-soluble one. The effect is purely cosmetic and does not affect the washing properties of the soap in any way, but it is quite surprising and interesting.

This is our unique soap. It already has a name and shines in its own way.

 SKIN DETOX NATURAL SOAP [ROSA DAMASCENA & ACTIVATED CHARCOAL]*read more about the soap content, applications, and directions by clicking on the link

It complements TRAKE Organic Bulgarian rose water very well, even now you can see them in many different places together. An unexpectedly good combination.

If you have any additional questions on the topic, we would be glad to tell you more. Get in touch with TRAKE and her online team through our Contact form or write directly on [email protected].

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